Jennifer Lopez & Maluma – Pa’ Ti (Lyrics in English)

Listen to the song and read the english translation of “Pa’ Ti” interpreted by Jennifer López & Maluma.

General Data:

Artists: Jennifer López & Maluma
Song: Pa’ Ti
Genre: pop
Released Date: September 24, 2020


English Translation:

Got ocean views from ceiling to the floor
Keep a milli by the bed, a hundred more offshore-o-ore
Closets full of Louis and Christian Dior
Picasso’s and Van Gogh’s that no one’s seen before-o-ore

Diamonds drippin’ down like fountains
I’ll sign, don’t care what the amount is
Every day and night, live a life filled with luxury
Don’t matter when you’re not with me, yeah, yeah

Everything I have is to you, to you
No mattering what happen I’m up for you
Everything I have is to you, to you
Just to you, to you, to you

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