KAI – Reason (English Translation)

Listen to the song and read the English Translation of “Reason‘” interpreted by KAI (EXO).

General Data

Artist: KAI (of EXO)
Song: Reason
Genre: kpop
Album: KAI (开)
Release Date: November 30, 2020

Other English Translations.


English Translation

Just let it flow as it is for me
As it moves, show me
To see you coming to me as you look into my eyes
I felt something big will happen at this rate

The party has been getting boring
The mind that has gotten loose
White it was getting tensed again
Don’t hide it anymore for me

The reason that hides your heart
Do you feel it triggering me a bit
It seduces you sneakily by making it almost shown but not
It teases you by letting itself almost caught but not

I get cornered in curiosity
You think of me even when your eyes are closed
You end up turning your yourself toward me again
The reason that you can’t hide anymore

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